Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Speaking for life.

I try to keep this site apolitical.  I will make an exception for this video from the students at Notre Dame


trinity_ray said...

Notre Dame doesn’t want open and free dialogue? Fine.

But let us not be hypocritical…
Where were the protests when President W. Bush was invited to speak a few years ago?

Bush was a leading proponent of the death penalty and the man who led us into a war costing us thousands of young lives. Does the reverence for life that Catholics seem to hold so dear end after birth? How can supporting freedom of choice be any worse than supporting the death penalty and this war?

AND, lest we forget Bush met with the Pope himself in 2003 and went directly against his requests to NOT invade Iraq. Doesn’t blowing off a directorate from the head of the church count for something when they’re looking for that perfect commencement speaker?

The sites founders. said...

Ah Trinity, simply straw dog arguments.

The death penalty is reserved for individuals who have committed a heinous crime and taken the life of a person. They have had the benefit of a trial of their peers as well as numerous trials. The average time between a death sentence and it’s being carried out is nearly 20 years. And it can still be commuted by a Governor or the President. The criminal has had an opportunity to confront their accusers, present evidence and be judged by his peers.

And yes, even after all that the Catholic Church is, indeed, against the death penalty. I am not.

As for abortion, the unborn has no advocate, has no right to present evidence that they are a good and worthy person deserving of life and an opportunity to grow and become whatever they were meant to be. They are simply killed. And, in Obama’s case, he even defends killing a child who survives an abortion.

To compare these two issues is folly Trinity, there is no comparison.

As for the war, you are simply wrong. The freeing of 25 million Iraqi people from a murderous dictator has been worth every dime and every life and injury. All people deserve a shot at a free life. Now, whether the Iraqi people will use this gift wisely is up to them. The Europeans did after WWII, the Japanese did after WWII, I can only hope the Iraqi people will as well, time will tell.

Just as an aside, do you ever debate issues any more?? With you there is always a snide, biting edge to responses. Kind of a puffing of the chest and a sticking out of the chip on your shoulder approach that I suspect most people just blow off and as a result do not engage you. It’s tough to have reasoned arguments and disagreements with that approach. I am sure that even you understanding the difference between killing an unborn child and killing a murderer – yet you do this huff and puff kind of argument. Of course, if all you want to do is to talk to like minded folks and bolster them and yourself, I suppose it works. But, if you want to engage folks with a different view, it doesn’t.

I guess I am gently trying to say that you should back down your anger level, listen, learn and engage.

chrissyrudd said...

Hey, I saw this joke on another blog and thought it relates to both your points... :)

These three guys were sitting behind three nuns at a football game.

The men felt hampered by the nuns, and decided to antagonize the nuns, to get them to move.

The first guy says to the others in a loud voice," I think I want to move to California, there are only 100 Catholics living there."

The second guy speaks up and says, "I'm gonna move to Washington, there are only 50 Catholics living there."

The third guy speaks up and says, "I want to move to Idaho, there are only 5 Catholics living there."

At that point, one of the nuns turns around, locks eyes with the third guy, and calmly says...

"Why don't you go to hell, there aren't any Catholics there!"

trinity_ray said...

Dear Pot,

No. I REALLY don’t see any difference in human life…unborn “child” or murderer. And I don’t believe Jesus does either. Killing is killing. I don’t pretend to believe that killing one person is somehow more righteous than killing another. I don’t pretend to believe that I have the right or ability to assign value to human life.

How convenient for the human species though that there are religious figures, politicians and generals who will do this dirty arithmetic for us.

Do you think the dead man knows the difference?

With Love,


The sites founders. said...

Pot here,

Alright, well at least we agree on the anti-abortion thing then. So, what’s the beef with the protest of Obama?? I agree with the “legal, safe and rare” approach to abortion. My parameters would be health of the mother, rape and incest. However, to be honest, I would err on the side of the unborn child. Yet, being pushed, I would give in these cases. Surly you would grant a woman’s choice in these three instances as well?

As for murders being different than the unborn, I still disagree. Iowa had a case years back where an uncle took his niece, raped her, tried to break her neck and could not so he stabbed her and threw her in a ditch. Sadly, Iowa does not have the death penalty and Iowa tax payers are still paying for this man to suck air. I bullet would be so much more economical. There is simply no moral equivalence between killing this man after a trial of his peers and granting him a full appeals process and the aborting of an unborn child.

Where you see people doing “the dirty arithmetic” I see police officers enabling you, Tara and Jasper being able to safely walk down the street. Do you think the police in Boston carry weapons for show? Would the bad guys go away if only the police would leave their weapons in the squad room, or would the bad guys take over the city? Would you not do anything to protect Tara and Jasper? Do you think the police, military and judicial system are doing anything less than protecting us? If the US military simply folds its tent and withdraws within the borders of the US and leaves the rest of the world to the wolves, how would we be safer? Have you noticed that attacks in the world have up ticked since Obama’s election? Do you think that might be because they feel safer? If evil is not confronted, battled and defeated then it will engulf the world. And yes, I trust myself to tell the difference between good and evil, it is not a questionable thing in my mind. And, if that means taking the life on someone intent on evil, I simply have no problem with that.

Pots Rule!!