Saturday, March 28, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

The wheel goes round . . .

and round.  A woman I work with brought in a well-used Bigwheel this winter.  It had been through a number of grandkids, all of which are now well past Bigwheel age.  So, Miss Adeline took her new wheels out for a spin . . .




Yep, the wheel goes round and round . . .  peddle on Addie!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to a Good Man

It's interesting to see how your thoughts of a "good man" develop over the years.  In high school to me it meant a friend that I enjoyed being around.  Honestly I didn't have many, but then "good men" are hard to find.  Susie's dad was a "good man".  Strong, kind, good husband and father - we never spoke much but I knew if needed, he would be there.  That experience continued until his passing.

As I spent time in the military a "good man" was someone I could depend on - no matter what.  There were few of those as well.  Mike Garza was a "good man".  Loud, funny and fierce.  But, as with many "good men" he has faded from my life, not heard from him since I left Viet Nam.

Nick, another military man, and certainly a "good man" has stayed in my life the longest.  Each time we talk, it's as though its been mere moments since we last talked. 

Rex, a "good man" whose friendship has grown and love and support I have come to depend on is another example of a strong, kind and good man that there seems to be too few of.

Marriage and children again broadened my view good men. 

I look at my son and see a "good man".  As he charts his course I see someone unafraid to seek his path, to offer kindness and support to friends in his life without expectation.  A young man still willing to sit with his old man, share his day and offer a hug and an "I love you" as he leaves.

As my daughter began dating I prayed she would fine a "good man".  She did, and it's his Birthday this post celebrates.  He is a kind, loving, strong and good husband and father.  I have watched him for 15 years.  Through high school dating, college, grad school, marriage and fatherhood.  Honestly, I was pretty judgmental in my mind's eye (I am sure Jeremy will find this shocking!! ).  I expected a great deal from him and how he loved and cared for my daughter.  I suspect I am not alone in that area as far as fathers are concerned.  And, through the years, I have seen a "good man" grow.  It's truly been fun to watch him and them grow together.

I'm proud of you bud, and am happy to have such a "good man" as my daughter's partner.

Happy Birthday!

A Good Man

Saturday, March 14, 2009

And she danced!

My daughter is a dancer.  Of course other things have followed - marriage, a career as a teacher, an on going career as a mom.  But, in my heart of hearts, she is a dancer.

Her first recital was at age 4.  "Let's go fly a kite" played as she twirled across the stage in a light blue tutu and holding a kite made of cardboard and tinfoil.  I see that photo every day on a bookshelf in my office.

She danced in the "Nutcracker" a number of years for a well known dance studio near our home.  They pushed and pushed that that should be her profession - perhaps it should have been, but she's a great teacher and a great mom.

Her highschool had a reputation of an exceptional dance squad named the "Voyagers".  She made the squad her first try and never looked back.  They won trophies each and every year she was on it.  Her last performance, March 1996 - until last night!  It's the 30th Anniversary of the Voyagers and the alums were invited back to perform a routine.  Her dance instructor for that first recital was also in the group. 

My daughter is a dancer - yep, she truly is!

First, a video of the entire squad.  (if the "view in HD button shows up, click that for better resolution)

And finally, just Chrissy.  The HD button does work on this video.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crackpot! Me???

I love my wife.  And, I value her thoughts and judgement over virtually any other human I know.  Yet, sometimes she is just so far off base she is OFF THE FRICKIN' PLANET!!!

Take a conversation we had the other night.  I have written yet another opinion piece for our local paper.  Let's say I like to open with a catchy phrase to "peak" interest.  My last, for example, was "I'm sorry we elected a black man."  Now what could be controversial about that??  :)  My wife usually rolls her eyes, shakes her head, reminds me we live in a SMALL town - you know - the usual "can't we just get along" argument.  In a word "no", I can't just get along.  Some things need to be said and it seems that most, while muttering things under their breath or saying them in hushed tones among friends, are unwilling to shout their thoughts from the street corner.  For whatever reason, I seem to have a mouth big enough to say things in public.  (thank my mom actually - an absolutely fearless woman).  So, this weekend when friends were over, I had indicated I submitted another story to our local paper. (it was published today BTW - can't wait for the "feedback" ) My lovely wife once again rolled her eyes, looked at me and our friends, and said - "ya know, they are going to start to call you a crackpot!".  Me???  A crackpot???  Just because my article was entitled:  "A Destroyer of Worlds", and called our new president Lord Shiva??  Crackpot - hrumph!! 

Just pokin' the bear sweetie, just pokin' the bear.

He is though, by the way, the Destroyer of our financial world. 

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

BLACKFIVE: Reality check from Louis C.K.

Back from Haiti - working on my trip report.  In the meantime - I think you will like this.