Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!!

Can’t believe how busy this trip is and how fast it’s going.

We are at Icy Point today.  Had a wild life search trip today.  Saw one brown bear and very pretty country.  Yesterday was Skagway.  Nice bus/train tour of Whitehorse Pass.  No wild life but stunning country side.

Only downer is that Phyllis got sick with the Norwalk virus (along with dozens of others).  Barfies and diarrhea last night and today.  She’s hoping to recover for our formal dinner tonight.

Ketchikan tomorrow and then a day of sailing and home on Friday.

Going fast, fast, fast!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

On the boat

Well we got on the boat yesterday.  Good trip down.  Saw a really cool grizzly just entertaining the folks along side the road!

Meal last night was great.  Good weather today.  And, expensive internet -  $.53 per min.  Will do mini updates and phone calls on shore during the day.

Love you all – from both the Kellers and McKees

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yet another busy day!

Drove to Denali today.  Got there in time for lunch and then a couple mile walk in the woods and around a meadow. 

For supper there was a very nice dinner theater.

Early day tomorrow with a 5 hour tour of the park and then an 8 hour train ride back to Anchorage.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 3 – there’s gold in that there stream!!


These folks sure keep you hopping.  Headed out about 9AM for a gold mining operation.  Rex and Phyllis were dropped at the museum that the fellow who went with Rex’s dad acted as a procurer for.  They had a great time there while the rest of us went to the mining operation.  We were shown how they used water too look for gold and taught how to pan for gold.  Then, we were given bags of “pay dirt” and off we went.  Susie beat me with $33 and I found $9.  Enough for her to get it made into a nice pendant and a pair of ear rings.

After that we went on a river boat cruise, visited a native village, visited the late Susan Butcher’s new dog kennels and just had a nice leisurely afternoon.

That was followed by a great supper and a visit with Rex’s compounding friend from “North Pole” – yep, that is truly the name of his town.

For me, it was back to the room.  I had an urgent email from a prospect  that she HAD TO HAVE A DEMO TOMORROW AT 8AM!!!  Geezz, that’s 5AM here!!  Ah well, money is money!  So, at 5AM local time tomorrow, I’ll be ready!!

So ends another day.  Tomorrow – Denali!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Alaska – Day 1

What a long day! Alarm set for 4:45 AM!!!!!! This is vacation for Pete’s sake!! Anyway, breakfast and on the bus by 7AM and off to Fairbanks. Lot’s of gorgeous scenery! Mountains, rivers, marsh lands. Very beautiful. Saw Moose, sheep, reindeer – very cool. Saw a moose plunge out of the forest right into the side of a truck hauling a trailer just in front of us. She bounced off, fell on her butt, got up and ran back into the bush. Took the mirror off the side of the truck and dented it a bit. We finally got to Fairbanks around 7:30PM. Had supper and made it to the hotel around 9PM. End of a very long day!!! But, lots of fun! Tomorrow – gold mine, paddle boat trip. Should be a good day. Will try to post some photos tomorrow.