Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 3 – there’s gold in that there stream!!


These folks sure keep you hopping.  Headed out about 9AM for a gold mining operation.  Rex and Phyllis were dropped at the museum that the fellow who went with Rex’s dad acted as a procurer for.  They had a great time there while the rest of us went to the mining operation.  We were shown how they used water too look for gold and taught how to pan for gold.  Then, we were given bags of “pay dirt” and off we went.  Susie beat me with $33 and I found $9.  Enough for her to get it made into a nice pendant and a pair of ear rings.

After that we went on a river boat cruise, visited a native village, visited the late Susan Butcher’s new dog kennels and just had a nice leisurely afternoon.

That was followed by a great supper and a visit with Rex’s compounding friend from “North Pole” – yep, that is truly the name of his town.

For me, it was back to the room.  I had an urgent email from a prospect  that she HAD TO HAVE A DEMO TOMORROW AT 8AM!!!  Geezz, that’s 5AM here!!  Ah well, money is money!  So, at 5AM local time tomorrow, I’ll be ready!!

So ends another day.  Tomorrow – Denali!!

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