Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reading in the dark.

I am a “morning person”, I confess. I am one of those wide awake people first thing in the morning that everyone hates. Actually I blame my mom. She was a morning person, went to work at the post office every morning at 5:30 AM while I was left to watch Captain Kangaroo and Tom Terrific.

However, as fall turns to winter, I notice my mornings are now spent in darkness rather that light – I could do without that. Being the news/political junkie that I am, I start the morning out with “My Daily Read”. I suppose it is the 2008 version of reading the morning paper – only it’s about 25 websites. I cruise through a number of newspapers, news sites, Drudge – of course, RealClearPolitics, and then 10 or so blogs that are also run by data/news junkies that may catch something I might miss. Anyway, the content isn’t the point, but rather that, as I type this, I can just begin to see glimmers of daylight through the wood patch that surrounds our house. 7AM - - - still dark. Heavy sigh!!

That’s the part of fall/winter I truly dislike. Getting up in the dark, spending the morning in the dark, getting off work in the dark. It really brings out all the hibernation instincts in me, sometimes even over riding my natural tendencies and pop up in the morning and I find myself still in bed at 6:30AM. Again, heavy sigh.

I’m officially ready for spring. I want bright sunshine at 6:30AM, warm weather, green leaves rather than brown or none. We could skip past the snow with a one-day exception for Christmas. And, I could get back to my daily read while enjoying the sunshine streaming through the dining room window.

I know, patience is a virtue, but it isn’t my strong suit. I want my sunshine, and I want it now!!

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