Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to a Good Man

It's interesting to see how your thoughts of a "good man" develop over the years.  In high school to me it meant a friend that I enjoyed being around.  Honestly I didn't have many, but then "good men" are hard to find.  Susie's dad was a "good man".  Strong, kind, good husband and father - we never spoke much but I knew if needed, he would be there.  That experience continued until his passing.

As I spent time in the military a "good man" was someone I could depend on - no matter what.  There were few of those as well.  Mike Garza was a "good man".  Loud, funny and fierce.  But, as with many "good men" he has faded from my life, not heard from him since I left Viet Nam.

Nick, another military man, and certainly a "good man" has stayed in my life the longest.  Each time we talk, it's as though its been mere moments since we last talked. 

Rex, a "good man" whose friendship has grown and love and support I have come to depend on is another example of a strong, kind and good man that there seems to be too few of.

Marriage and children again broadened my view good men. 

I look at my son and see a "good man".  As he charts his course I see someone unafraid to seek his path, to offer kindness and support to friends in his life without expectation.  A young man still willing to sit with his old man, share his day and offer a hug and an "I love you" as he leaves.

As my daughter began dating I prayed she would fine a "good man".  She did, and it's his Birthday this post celebrates.  He is a kind, loving, strong and good husband and father.  I have watched him for 15 years.  Through high school dating, college, grad school, marriage and fatherhood.  Honestly, I was pretty judgmental in my mind's eye (I am sure Jeremy will find this shocking!! ).  I expected a great deal from him and how he loved and cared for my daughter.  I suspect I am not alone in that area as far as fathers are concerned.  And, through the years, I have seen a "good man" grow.  It's truly been fun to watch him and them grow together.

I'm proud of you bud, and am happy to have such a "good man" as my daughter's partner.

Happy Birthday!

A Good Man

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