Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crackpot! Me???

I love my wife.  And, I value her thoughts and judgement over virtually any other human I know.  Yet, sometimes she is just so far off base she is OFF THE FRICKIN' PLANET!!!

Take a conversation we had the other night.  I have written yet another opinion piece for our local paper.  Let's say I like to open with a catchy phrase to "peak" interest.  My last, for example, was "I'm sorry we elected a black man."  Now what could be controversial about that??  :)  My wife usually rolls her eyes, shakes her head, reminds me we live in a SMALL town - you know - the usual "can't we just get along" argument.  In a word "no", I can't just get along.  Some things need to be said and it seems that most, while muttering things under their breath or saying them in hushed tones among friends, are unwilling to shout their thoughts from the street corner.  For whatever reason, I seem to have a mouth big enough to say things in public.  (thank my mom actually - an absolutely fearless woman).  So, this weekend when friends were over, I had indicated I submitted another story to our local paper. (it was published today BTW - can't wait for the "feedback" ) My lovely wife once again rolled her eyes, looked at me and our friends, and said - "ya know, they are going to start to call you a crackpot!".  Me???  A crackpot???  Just because my article was entitled:  "A Destroyer of Worlds", and called our new president Lord Shiva??  Crackpot - hrumph!! 

Just pokin' the bear sweetie, just pokin' the bear.

He is though, by the way, the Destroyer of our financial world. 

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trinity_ray said...

I love you Bill. But I wonder, what is your goal? Is it to change people's views? If so, has it ever worked? Has anyone ever said..."wow, you changed my mind...I never saw it that way...I've been wrong all these years?"
If it's not to affect change then what's your end game?
I agree with your principle that people should speak their mind (when challenged - or just asked I suppose). I also agree that most people don't. In some cases many people have never been put into a position where they've had to consider their beliefs and weigh out an argument. This is unfortunate.
However over the years I've seen those same eye rolls and head shakes and I've begun to consider my audience and pick my battles. I've begun to wonder "why?" and "is this one worth it?"
Just some thoughts from a fellow crackpot.