Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hunting Season!!!

It’s that special time of year when natural born hunters fine tune their skills, sharpen the tools and set out in search of their annual prey. The changing Iowa weather and annual crop harvest kick the movement of game to its traditional high and hunters lie in wait looking for tell tale movement in the grasses, the rustling sounds of movement that would indicate a victim approaches, that their patience and skill are about to be rewarded and that a tasty meal is about to be enjoyed.

In my experience there are typically two types of hunters. The first enjoys the hunt in the field, the wild – creeping through the grasses, using their senses and skills to make the perfect kill on the unsuspecting animal. These hunters seem to move with an un-natural grace and stealth. The dedicated have even sculpted their bodies to support their hunting efforts allowing for long stalks, quite waits and lightening responses to insure a successful hunts.

The second is the “seasoned” hunter – who would rather use their knowledge of the habits of game rather than beat about the bushes hoping to flush something out. They usually hunt for shorter periods of time and restrict their efforts to known areas that have proven successful over the years. In fact, in rural Iowa, many of these hunters never have to leave their property (1,000 acre farms you know). Some of the most seasoned, most skilled can start a day late, lounge about during the morning, soak up the disappearing sunshine and still have a successful hunt – all without leaving the confines of their home! In fact, I live with one such huntress and she is on the prowl even as we speak!

Meet Daisy the fierce!!


Yep, there is obviously an intruding mouse under our dining room hutch and she will stay on station – for days if need be – to get her meal! Of course she only has three teeth left, sees them only as a live-action toy that can be caught and released and caught and released . . . . . . . until either I intervene and release outside – or death ensues, which also results in release outside to the critters that clean up such bounty.

This is an annual process. We live in the middle of, quite literally, thousands of square miles of the best farm land in the world. This time of year, all the little critters that inhabit this area, want the same thing I do – a warm, dry place to sleep at night. And many times they feel our home is the perfect place! So, despite our best efforts, we have visitors throughout the winter. Daisy will hunt well, play hard and show that self-satisfied glow of the successful huntress that she is!

Mmmmmmmmmmmm – Daisy?? Isn’t that a little gray tail sticking out from under the corner right there??

UPDATE: 23:55 SUCCESS!!!! The intruder, after three previous captures today, was finally taken down! I released it, but suspect that one of the prowling felines will enjoy the snack provided by Daisy. Count for the winter: 1

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