Sunday, November 9, 2008

Was there anything good in the election?

So here it is, 4 days post Obama win and I have been trying to understand what this means for my country.  Nothing good, for the nation as a whole, but how about people like me - conservatives who believe in self reliance, hard work and personal responsibility.

Actually, little will change.  When Obama takes over 401K plans, it won't affect me, don't have one.  When he forces universal health care down everyone's throat - won't affect me, I can afford my own.  When the pensions of all those state government workers goes bankrupt (is anyone paying attention to those??), won't matter, I work for myself.  When the folks who put him in office realize he won't save their homes, give them free gas, save their jobs, clear their credit cards - I won't worry, I depend on myself and my abilities - not a nanny state.

So, all in all, on a personal note, Obama will have little affect on me.

On my country though, on America, on the country that everyone looks to for innovation, growth, freedom - God help us all.

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jeremy said...

I know the results may have not met your liking. On the upside, There is a Bill Cosby undertone to Obama's message. A literal"pull up your pants(from his interview on mtv)" and take advantage of all that is available to you message. The same attitude that prompted Jessie Jackson to threaten castration and accuse Barak of not being black enough(any body Jessie doesn't like is OK with me)! I know you might like his policy stances to better reflect this aspect(and I believe it is genuine) It seems that his acheivment has raised the mark past Rappers and the NBA as the highest attainable role for a person of color.
Not to prophisize any thing but to quote the old depression classic "keep on the sunny side"