Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hot Spots

My wife is a member of a cult. Their Internet contact point is Fly Lady. Fly Lady is a warped and twisted individual intent on bringing order, neatness and an uncluttered life to all families. In other words, she is the devil incarnate!!

I am a “collector” of things. I got my first job when I was 12. I worked in a TV repair shop. The owner – Mel – gave me permission to take any of the old TVs that couldn’t be fixed. I cut out parts and built the first stereo in my grade. When we moved to Iowa 28 years later, she said she had finally thrown out the dozens of old sets left in her attic.

Years in the military moving between bases forced me to tighten things up quit a bit, but, with marriage came FREEDOM!!! I could collect, keep magazines, electronic components, computer parts, radio parts, guns, - - and books. After Susie and I married we owned our own home – WITH ALL THAT ROOM!!! Honestly I have a very hard time throwing things out – what if I NEED that stuff?? That article – component – radio – computer (doesn’t everyone have a Commodore 64?? Or a SWTB 6800 circia 1978??). How can I possibly part with THAT???

Enter the cult with its "Hot Spot". Susie became committed to bringing order from chaos. Honestly, her success has been startling! I believe the words are “baby steps” and taking 15 minutes to focus on a “hot spot”. I wasn’t very supportive in her efforts but she has been relentless! And, slowly, she has been trying to “convert” me. I am being a “little” resistant. But, every once and awhile one of my prime “hot spots” needs work. The kitchen counter, a landing near our front door and the corner of our bedroom on my side of the bed. I would like to say I have enough discipline to keep those areas tidy – I don’t. Eventually, she can’t take it any more. She looks at me sternly and reminds me she has been waiting for my “hot spot” efforts to pick up – I delay for a bit more. Finally, she gives me “the look”! Geezz, not “the look”! She knows I can’t take it! So, today, I made an effort to clean up the magazines in my corner of the bedroom – Astronomy, QST, Home Power, Handgunner, Rush’s news letter, Writer, Outdoors, Backpacker – probably about 60-100 old issues. That’s all, only 60 – 100 back issues, Geezz!!

It’s not enough of an effort, I know. I keep promising to do better, but there is surly something in those 60-100 back issues that I will desperately some day, it’s such a waste!

And now they're gone!  Gone!. . . . Gone! . . . . Gone!

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chrissyrudd said...

WOW! I can't wait to see it!