Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"I've still got it!!!"

These words sprung from Susie's lips as I told her a story as she was taking her coat off after coming home from work around 1AM this morning.

The story begins with me visiting one of my local customers yesterday afternoon to replace an ailing computer monitor.  Kathy the accountant and I were chit-chatting while I was removing/replacing/connecting - doing my geek thing.  And, naturally, the conversation turned towards kids.  She and her husband do not have children but, being in her lat 30s, she is still thinking very hard about it.  If not their own, then adoption or foster children are in consideration.

Suddenly she asks me how old my youngest is - "he will be 20 in May" I said.  A puzzled look came over her face.  "How old is Chrissy then??"  "She's going to be 31 in February, Addie is 2 1/2 and Emilie is 6 months."  A much more puzzled look appears on her face.

"Well then, how old is Susie??"  OK, I'm NOT stupid - so I reply:  "How old do you think she is??"  Kathy scrunches up her brow, thinks a moment and says"  "43??"

I let the cat out of the bag - "Nope, although I'll share with her your wonderful guess - she's going to be 58 in January."  At this point, if I would have been thinking, I would have whipped out my cell camera and captured the tremendous look of surprise on her face!!  "I never would have guessed that!  She looks SO YOUNG!!"  However, sans camera, I tuck the memory away in my heart to share later in the evening.

1AM - the door opens:  "Helllloooo??"  she calls.  "Hey kid", I reply.  "I have the greatest story to tell you" and so I do, leaving out no detail.

A smile shoots across her face, a little fist pump occurs and she says:  "Giggle, giggle - I've still got it!"

Yep sweetie - you do.

You've still got it!!

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chrissyrudd said...

Oh I can only hope to have the same effect on people!