Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chrissy, CHRISSY!!! Wrong door!!

I must confess I enjoy taking advantage of our kids living 1 hour away rather than 23! Last night Susie and I took them out to supper and just enjoyed their company for a few hours. I left work a bit early, she had the day off and it was Friday night – it had grandkids written all over it!!!

I enjoy our visits. They are fun to watch – the whole clan. I like to see the whole young family dynamic thing work. Chrissy was shot after a day as a sub with a particularly energetic group of kids. Jeremy had had a studio day, Addie was wired and Emily was just taking it all in. It’s enjoyable to see how they all seem to make it work – at least most of the time. They are truly a couple that is good to each other and have gotten the loving and patient parent thing down pretty good as well. (at least while grandma and grandpa are in the house J )

So, off to supper we went. There is a reasonably good restaurant just 10 minutes away and even though it was only around 4:40 PM, Chrissy was ready to go. “You remember how this works – right?” She says with a bit of a scowl to Jeremy as she “encourages” him and me to get moving before the inevitable meltdown of the kids if they are not fed on time. (Honestly, I remember the whole melt-down thing as well. Susie’s life and mind were even more insane during the 2s and 3s of Chrissy – but that’s a story for another time.) Bundle, bundle. Pack, strap, click, verooooooommmmmm – and off we go.

After supper it’s off for “desert” – to the McDonalds across the highway – with the PLAYLAND attached! Yeesssss – mmmmmmm – playland! So, while the “adults” have ice-cream (yes, I know it was only 7 but, damn it, I can pretend it’s 70, right??) we watch Miss Adaline crawl through tubes, up walls, through tunnels and down slides. A friend is also made – her cute little 3 year old rescuer who helps her through some of the tunnels until she “gets the hang of it”. Yeah, right. All ready she is honing her “damsel in distress” move – to good effect I might add! “Highly Advanced” is the family term for this. The little guy even tried to snag a quick peck on the cheek – her response was a little “slow” – wink, wink.

Anyway, a successful outing! Grandpa grabbed Addie’s hand once she was bundled – and lead her through the maize of kids and doors. As she yanks her hand out and runs to the wrong door I hear myself yell: “Chrissy! CHRISSY!!! Wrong door.”

Oops – it must have been the bouncy blonde hair sticking out of the Big Bird stocking hat knit by Great Grandma that fooled me!! And in the moment, Chrissy’s entire life zipped through my mind – the dancing, swimming, girl scouts, camping and hiking, high school, dance squad, dating, meeting “the guy”, college, wedding, having Addie and Emily – and I realized how much I was looking forward to watching a new version of that movie unfold.

Honestly kid, you picked the right door, the right door indeed!

Has it really been 31 years (after Tuesday – of course!!)

I love having the kids back home!!

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