Monday, January 26, 2009

How tall is $1 Trillion Dollars??

Trying to understand $1 Trillion Dollars.

Thickness of a bill 0.0043"
# Bills in 1 Foot 2790
#Bills in a football field (300 ft.) 873,000
# Bills in a city block (528 ft.) 1,473,120
# Bills in a mile (5280 ft.) 14,731,200
$1 Trillion  
Height Of stack of $1 bills 358,422,939 ft.
  67,883 miles
Circum. of Earth = 24,859 mi. 2.73 times AROUND the Earth
Height of stack of $100 Bills 3,584,229 ft.
  678 miles
  Davenport, IA to Rochester, NY
Height of stack of $1,000 Bills 358,422 ft.
  67 miles
  Davenport, IA to Cedar Rapids, IA
Average Age of an American 77 Years
  28,105 Days
  674,520 Hours
  40,471,200 Minutes
  2,428,272,000 Seconds
Spend rate of an single American to spend $1 Trillion  
Per Year $12,987,012,987
Per Day $35,580,857
Per Hour $1,482,535
Per Minute $27,708
Per Second $411


Hello??  America???  Are you watching your Government???

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jeremy said...

this is interesting if you think money has substance? If you satcked the "worth" of each of those dollars the stack would not change height no matter how many there are. I had an imaginary friend once, I guess the Federal researve hasn't grown out of it yet.