Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Kissed

It’s my sweetie’s birthday today. We have had a lot of them together. She was 15 and I was 16 when we started dating. That’s where the “sweet sixteen and never been kissed” phrase came into my life. I was already for the smooching stage when we started dating that summer. Sophomores in high school, enjoying the first emotions of a new relationship – dry mouth, fluttery heart, expectations of seeing her – she was my first (and turns out only) girl friend. But, it was important to her to wait for the kiss, wait for the 16th birthday. Today I am sure this sounds terribly foolish and old fashioned – hell in 1966 during the sexual revolution I am sure it sounded foolish. But here was a girl I loved, at least as much as any 16 year old male understands love, so I waited.

Charm bracelets were one of the in-thing gifts of the time. She still has hers filled with charms of our early years together. My charm for her that year seemed appropriate – a car. She could drive after her 16th birthday without parent or adult. I am sure there were other gifts, I don’t remember them, but I remember the car.

We went out that night, honestly I don’t remember that either. My attention was focused on “the kiss”. We had had a huge blizzard that week – massive really. So we didn’t go far, I’m sure. Pulling into her driveway I was very nervous and expectant – then she got out of the car – no kiss! I got out, she took my hand and led me to the side door of their garage and into the garage. Suddenly Puny the cat was in her arms – this was not going my way at all! Slowly, she snuggled into my chest, cat still in her arms, tipped her head up and we kissed for the first time. I have not grown tired of that moment – or the tens of thousands that have followed. Could today really be the 42nd anniversary of our first kiss – really???

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

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