Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Traditions - a melding of families.

Traditions are interesting things.  Husbands and wives reach into the bag that is their life together and pull out various traditions.  These are mixed and molded with a love of their own to create their own, individual family tradition.  It is one of the glues that hold families together, that allows us to look into the past and see our roots, to embraces our differences and to celebrate our coming together.

Susie and I had a number of traditions for our kids at Easter.  We colored the eggs for the Easter Bunny.  He is, of course, quite small and simply can't carry enough eggs for all the children.  He does leave candy though to satiate the sweet tooth. 

The Easter Bunny hides the eggs around the living room.  Susie and I always appreciated that since it put off getting dressed a bit first thing in the morning before church.

Jeremy's family also have the tradition of flying a kite on Easter.  So, after church Miss Adeline and her dad went out for her first Iowa flight.  It was a huge success!  And, of course, being grandparents, all of these things are well documented.

The Coloring of the Eggs

DSCN0759 (Small)

DSCN0762 (Small) DSCN0771 (Small)

The Hunt is ON!!

DSCN0772 (Small)

 DSCN0774 (Small)

 DSCN0776 (Small)

 DSCN0778 (Small)

The Ladies if full Easter Garb

DSCN0782 (Small)

Let's go fly a kite!

IMAG0026 (Small)

IMAG0030 (Small)

IMAG0032 (Small) 

One additional tradition - you must pay for good entertainment.  At the end of this clip is a "delightful" clip and Chrissy and Jeremy "discussing" a project they worked on in their home.  It was fun banter to watch.  An old partner of mine, while watching Susie and I grumble with each other, slowly reached into his pocked and gently laid a quarter on my desk.  We stop and asked what the quarter was for.  Bob smiled and said "I always feel like I should pay for entertainment!"  We gave both Chrissy and Jeremy a quarter, money well spent.

And so our Easter traditions continue and grow.  They are the glue that holds the family history together.  Enjoy!

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trinity_ray said...

chrissy got the last word on the video...that's not fair.
i demand video of jeremy winning an argument!
...equal time!