Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sick on the road

I hate being sick - really hate it.  I can usually ignore the aches, barfies, headache - hell I once drove to a customer 5 hours away, presented my system (they bought BTW) and drove home - all with vertigo where it felt like I was continually falling backwards.  Yep, I can ignore things pretty well.

I did a rode trip the last few days to Minnesota.  One customer and two business partners.  On Monday I really felt like crap.  Every joint ached, the back of my legs felt really weird and tingly (no, I am not following in the footsteps of Chris Matthews) and a fever was playing with my body.  Tuesday I had two of the meetings and by the end of the last and a two hour drive to the next motel stop, I was pretty well wiped.  Drugs took the edge off the aches and rest helped.  About 2AM this morning my fever broke and I was soaked by the time I woke up.  Finally, I gave up for the day.  I had hours to drive, hours of meetings and then 4 hours home.  I called and rescheduled.  Heavy Sigh!  I hate to disappoint a business partner and I hate being sick on the road.  I'm home now, caught up on the email and look forward to curling up with the TV, a book and pasting my body back together.  Lots to do yet this week!

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